Ammo Bulldog
Mon- Sat 8am - 6pm Pacific Time
3331 W Bullard Ave
Fresno, CA 93711

We have brass!!!

9mm once fired brass, cleaned and polished, 9mm, 9mm range brass, reloading 9mm

We are a Fresno, California based Brass processor.  We bring in 1000's of pounds of once fired brass every week.  Our machines sort it, then its checked by  our staff, before it heads to the three stage cleaning and polishing machines.
If we wouldn't load it, we don't sell it.

We have all the common calibers and many that can be hard to find. 

We always have once fired & used brass in stock 223, 5.56, 9mm, 38 special, 357 Mag, 45ACP, 40 S&W, 30-06, 308.

  Other calibers arrive every day.  If we don't have it today, we'll probably have it in tomorrow.  Give us a call and reserve the quantity you need.
When we fill an order, the brass is weighed to assure that the ordered amount is sent.  We also add additional cases to make sure that, IF we missed a dent or two that you'll end up with at least the quantity you ordered.
Give us a call for all your used brass needs.  Don't forget we also have many other reloading supplies. We stock bullets, primers, powder and equipment.

5 step process 
  Sort  Inspect  Triple Clean and Polish  Inspect   Ship